2 Simple, Homemade Facial Mask Recipes

Mar 01, 2010

There are a lot of reasons to do things yourself, at home, naturally rather than resorting to chemicals from the store shelf. Maybe you want to be more organic and natural with your skin care? Perhaps you're interested in helping the planet and not pouring a lot of chemicals down the drain?

Whatever your reasons, making your own facial masks at home is easy. Here are two recipes for simple, do-it-yourself facials you can make in just a few minutes to create a relaxing, spa-like experience for yourself.

So draw a warm bath and start putting these recipes to good use!

Exfoliating Skin Renewing Wash and Mask

You will need:

1-1/2 cup of raw honey (clover preferred)
heaping teaspoon of spirulina

Mix them together thoroughly and keep in a glass or ceramic jar. This mask requires no soaking time, so you can put it on at night, remove, then go to bed. The one and a half cups will do about six facials for most women.

If the honey is thick when you attempt to use it, put the jar in hot water for a few minutes to heat it and its contents. Moisten your face with a hot, wet cloth. Then apply the honey mixture by dipping two or three fingers in, over the sink, and rubbing gently into moist skin. Dip and apply until your face has been covered well.

Let it stand for about three minutes, then use hot water to rinse it off thoroughly. Dry well with a cloth and be sure you've removed all of the honey mixture. The spirulina acts as a light irritant and the honey pulls away dead skin cells, leaving your face fresh and beautiful.

Spa-Like Homemade Face Mask

This one is a little more difficult to make and cannot be made in advance and stored. It is, however, one of the best masks you'll ever get and will give you an experience like the professional masks used in the spa. You will need:

1/ 4 cup herbal infusion tea
1/ 4 cup of fruit juice (apple or any berry-based)
1 packet of gelatin (unflavored)

Using a double boiler (or the equivalent, using two pots – one atop the other), pour in the liquids and then the gelatin, stirring and dissolving it thoroughly. Heat the mixture for about a minute, stirring continually. When it is very warm, remove from heat.

Let it cool while you prepare your bath, favorite comfy chair, or wherever you plan to relax. When the mixture is cool enough for you to dip a finger in, it's ready. Gently spread in a layer over your face, carefully avoiding around your eyes and in your nostrils and on your lips. Then relax while it dries. This will take about half an hour.

Then peel it off gently, rinse your skin with cool water, pat dry and you're done! The pulling sensation it gives your face as it dries is like a massage and the final peel-off is extraordinary.

Give these a try and see if they help your skin care routine!

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