Make Bath Salts at Home

Have you ever wondered if you can prepare a bath salts recipe on your own? Preparing a bath salt recipe is actually very easy to do as long as you have the right bath salts recipe to follow. You can prepare it as a perfect gift for your loved ones during the holidays.

Bath Salt Recipes - A Quick Way To Create Your Very Own

A lot of people today enjoy bathing using salts in their bath, since it can provide a magnificent form of relaxation while you take a bath. Most recipes comes in different invigorating scents and other ingredients, which can make someone feel more relaxed. Below is a simple recipe that you can simply follow. You can have your own choice of substitute ingredients or add some to make your preparation more special.

What you need to do to start preparing your homemade bath salts recipe, is to simply mix the following ingredients in a large bowl:

Two parts of Dead Sea Salt – the kind sea salt coming from Dead Sea is very much identified to have various therapeutic effects and is rich in various elements. one reason why it's utilized in various bath recipes is because of its fine and moist texture.

Two parts Coarse Sea Salt – having this ingredient can very well add in the texture and look of you bath salt preparation.

Two parts of White Cosmetic Clay – clay minerals are useful in revitalizing and cleansing your skin. Its texture is also best for bath salts recipe.

One part of Epsom Salt – one of the most familiar components which most people use in relieving sore feet as well as minor bruises and sprains.

One part of Borax Powder – this ingredient is essential since it serves as emulsifier and preservative in most of these recipes.

One part of Baking Soda – the most common source of Sodium Bicarbonate. Baking soda commonly known as being utilized to alleviate skin irritation and also serves as pH stabilizer in most products.

1/2 Teaspoon of Lavender Essential Oil for every 2 cups mixture – the lavender is probably one of the most favorable scents known to people because of its recognized therapeutic and relaxing effects. But, you can choose whatever scent you would likely prefer other than lavender.

By the time you're done in selecting your choice of ingredients for your bath salts recipe, you can simply mix everything up and then place it in a dry and clean bottle container.

If you want to give your homemade bath salts as a gift to your loved ones, you can start by deciding on how much you need to produce and selecting perfect giveaway jar containers. You must be able to accurately figure out the right measurements for your mixture.

Here are some tips you can consider in preparing give-away bath salts.

Mix all ingredients in a hollow container, except for the clay and essential oil which you need to roll around your palms together before actually mixing it with the other ingredients.

You can then start adding lavender oil, make sure to spread it around. With clean hands, mix the ingredient again.

You can then transfer your finished mixture in a jar, which you can decorate accordingly with style.

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