Refreshing Mint Bath Salt Recipes

Pamper Yourself in a Fresh Scented, Deep Cleansing Bath!

When you make your own bath salts at home, it's usually easy to remember the common floral and citrus scents that come from the more common essential oils. What is sometimes overlooked however, is the astounding cleansing and soothing properties of fresh mint and how easily it can be used to make your own refreshing bath products. Here, I'll explain two simple bath salts using mint that will make you feel and smell refreshed and clean all over!

For both mint bath salt recipes, you should have some Epsom salts, sea salts, mint or peppermint essential oil, dried mint leaves, and a couple sprigs of fresh mint. Other ingredients vary depending on which salts you are making!

Mint and Basil Bath Salts

You'll need about 2 and a half cups of Epsom salts and a half cup of sea salt for this one. You'll also need some dried and crushed basil leaves, bought fresh and dried yourself, not left on a shelf in a store! Stir some peppermint or mint oil into the salt combination, usually only a few drops (about 4-6) will do the trick. You want to mix it well so the scent and the smoothness of the oil gets evenly distributed through the salts. Now that you have your base salts, gently "massage" the basil leaves into the salts, trying to get them as evenly spread out as you can.

Now that you have mixed the ingredients together, you need to keep the remainder somewhere as you've made enough for two or three baths. The result will be a pretty white salt speckled with green. Keep it in a small glass jar and garnish with a tiny mint leaf!

Vanilla Mint Bath Salts

The addition of a soothing agent like vanilla to the pungent perkiness of mint is a good balance, making this bath able to both soothe and energize you while keeping you clean and smooth! You need 3 cups of Epsom salts and about 1 cup of sea salt, mint or peppermint essential oil, vanilla essential oil, and if you want, a tiny bit of red food coloring to make them pink! Add the salts and the oil together slowly, putting a few drops (3-4) of each oil in and evenly distributing it through the salts.

If you're making both salts and you need to tell them apart, or you just love the sugary pink color, you can use a tiny bit of red food coloring mixed very well into your salts to make it even cuter. Tuck a tiny sprig of mint into it and keep it in a glass jar, you'll have enough for a few baths!

Using mint to liven up your bath is a great way to clear your mind and your senses, refreshing your body all over and making you feel and smell clean. You'll love both of these wonderful bath salts!

Page created by Frances Osborne Austin Texas