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Spirituality of Shrines and Altars

I have this nutty idea that people in Austin should build random shrines in nature. Help me if you wish to. These are the ceramics I want to use. They would be placed in trails in nature with flowers to honor Mother Earth. Or whatever we feel earth should be honored with. Creating your own shrine is an invitation to explore and express your heart matters in color, images, symbols and found objects and find your very own personal meanings.

I've been trying to teach myself how to hand build cups, plates and bowls.  Also some more abstract stuff.  To me, it all looks like a 5th grader did it... Oh well hope to get better at it.But I keep reminding myself that I don’t need to be an artist to be able to enjoy and profit from the process of making shrines.

We are slowly forgetting the significance of religious shrines as places of spirituality, religion, history, and awe. Shrines provide a sense of sacred space. A crucial component of writing from your soul is having the sacred space in which to do it.  When you're in sacred space, it's much easier for the message and the words from The Spirit of Life or The Universe or God (however you wish to call it) to come through. It's as if you become a conduit for the words from your soul. Sacred space allows that. Franticness, stress, busily checking off to-do's... none of that is conducive to sacred space!

This is a place to celebrate and express our heart connections through shrine making. It is a space for all shrine (altar, temple) makers who like to share ideas and inspirations about making and living with a personal shrine, bringing mindfulness to daily living.

Your personal shrine or altar is a place to honour and celebrate anything which holds meaning to you and deserves remembrance, such as:

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