Spool Loom Christmas Patterns

by Pamela Murrey

Quick and Easy Patterns Made on a Knifty Knitter Spool Loom

What can you do with a spool loom? A spool loom from www.provocraft.com is a double ended loom, one of only 5 pegs and one of 8 pegs. It's marketed for making belts. But I spent some time testing it with Christmas in mind. At first I was doubtful, but my experiments worked. I made 5 simple, quick projects to share.

There's plenty of basic instruction that comes with the loom and online. My projects were simple and just includes casting on, knitting and casting off and also some flat knitting. Your instruction guide should tell you these basics.

My first idea was a bell. So I cast on the 8 pegs and knitted for 6 rows. In the 7th row I wrapped the first peg twice, knitted off the middle stitch, then the bottom. I repeated this for all the pegs in the row. Then I knit off each stitch around. I sewed the bottom of my piece closed and left a small remaining loop before trimming the thread. The bottom of my piece became the top of the bell. You could make three bells, tie them together with a bow and have a nice, small package topper. Or it could be hung as a decoration.

Then I thought of a wreath. I used a small amount of green and the 8 pegged end of the loom again, and knitted 5 rows. Then I knit the stitches off, leaving a long tail. I used a big eyed needle to sew the edges of the circle together and then tied a bow at the top of the wreath. It's small but it will also work as a package topper or a tiny decoration.

A small candle turned out pretty. Make a candle with either end of the loom to have different sizes. For a tiny candle I used the five pegged end of the loom. I knitted 14 rows, then used a needle to lift the stitches off the loom and sew it closed. With the long tail at the bottom I pulled to make a tube. Then I wrapped the bottom, including some of the knitted tube, around the tube to create a holder. I whip stitched at the top of the candle with a small piece of orange yarn to create the flame effect.

Snowmen are obvious with a loom, but I wondered if one so small would work. With a scarf and a hat it did. I made the snowman on the 8 pegs and knitted 14 rows. I bound off with a needle, stuffed the top and used the tail to sew a waist in the 6th row. Then I stuffed the bottom, placed a small round piece of cardboard in the bottom and sewed the bottom closed over the cardboard. For the hat I cast on the 8 pegs and knitted around 8 times. I bound off and sewed the top closed, then sewed the top of the hat to the top of the snowman. For the scarf I used the 5 pegs to knit a flat piece. I cast on 5 pegs, then reversed and wrapped each peg again to create flat knitting instead of a tube. I knitted 15 rows flat, and then I knit off the stitches. Then I sewed the scarf to the snowman. Decorate his face, put a button on him or leave him plain.

For holiday decorations mint and peppermint candies are popular. So I cast white and green yarn together on the 8 pegs and knit 4 rounds, then I knit off the stitches. With the tail of my green yarn I stitched both edges closed, after placing a small amount of cotton in the middle. It made a passable mint candy decoration. Or it could be used as a button or pin. Place a handful of them into a candy dish on your desk for a diet aid in those high caloric and very stressful weeks.

Take a new look at your spool loom and you may find more options. These are quick ideas for package toppers or tiny decorations. I hope they help brighten your holidays a bit

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